Sunday, September 20, 2009

The return of the Absent Minded Professor

I'm still laughing at myself, I can’t believe how forgetful i can be... Just as I was starting to congratulate myself for leaving my absent minded days behind me, the 'absent minded professor' struck again!...

Last Saturday was just another normal day, and as usual I took the garbage out after cooking lunch, and just as I went out and shut the door behind me, I realized that I forgotten my key! My apartment door locks as soon as the door is closed, so no key, no way of getting in, and I just stepped out, in what I was wearing at home, a pair of short shorts, sleeveless t-shirt and flip flops in which i had been cooking and cleaning the whole day (what a relief that it was not a cold day)! Now what? I have no phone, no money, nothing! It was just like in those funny comedies, where u lock yourself out in your pajamas but it wasn't a comedy, it was my life!

Anyway I had my extra key in office (just for times like these), but the problem was that I didn’t have the badge to get into office, and being a holiday there would be no one at reception, but as there was nothing else I could do (I already tried the concierge who was also out), I decided to go to my office and try my luck. At the entrance there were two guards. The first guard saw me from inside and looked suspicious, would have wondered what possibly this lady in shorts could be wanting! When he came out, I tried to explain in my broken French, about how I was locked out from my flat and that my extra key was in my desk. He didn't even smile, just said that we can't let you in if you have no badge! So I tried to explain, that the reason I had no badge was because everything was in my flat and that I could not get inside, then the other younger security appeared, he spoke English and looked sympathetic to my situation after I gave him my totally innocent lost look (well didn’t really have to act, I was!) and explained everything. I could see he wanted to help but the senior guard still said 'no'...

So just as i thought maybe I’ll have to barge into a friends place, stay overnight and go to work the next day and get the key, someone appeared from inside the office and I told him my problem and asked him if he would help me, but he was not from my office either but was visiting someone, so didn’t have a badge, but called his friend inside, who came down and showed his badge to security and let me in!

What a day! I finally got my extra key and was smiling all the way home, it just felt like I was in one of those funny TV programmes! Only thing missing was a ticket checker in the tram, as though I did have a season ticket for the month, it was also of course at home (thankfully none appeared)!

So at the end of the day I learnt, to always have a plan 'B' (I promptly replaced my key at office, would have been a much bigger disaster if I didn't have that extra key!), always check for the key when closing the door, and of course I learnt to laugh at myself, it always helps :)... Till next time I get absent minded and forget something again...



Blogger Hasala said...

Its no fault of yours akka, the fault is in ur genes ;)

2:38 pm, May 14, 2010  

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