Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Arts or Sciences?

Being someone, who’s an engineer background, but realizing that I like the arts more and more, from singing, to acting to writing (not sure if I’m much good at these things, but I love them all the same :) ) I have sometimes wondered about it… specially about whether it was a right choice to give up engineering (I do use the analytical skills we learnt in engineering, but nothing technical), or whether I should have studies the Classics or Theatre… Sometimes, I feel a bit of a misfit not in either side…

But then I think, they are both essential for human existence.

Music, paintings, writing, acting are all very subjective disciplines, they sometimes give you a glimpse into the soul of the author…and can be perceived as either good or bad. I guess what brings joy to the creator of arts is knowing that what they have created can bring joy, or enlightenment or be thought provoking or ofcourse they could also influence violence, specially art forms such as Cinema…at the same time, they could easily go unnoticed…I think the biggest fear of any kind of creator of the art forms…
Sciences, can be more predictable the laws of physics are laws, but again the discoveries are nothing, if they cannot be utilized to improve human existence (or sometimes to destroy). Looking at all inventions and discoveries, where would we be without them? From computers, to television, to internet, to electricity. I guess it’s a mix of creativity and knowledge of the sciences.

In the older times, inventors were also artists or musicians, like Da Vinci, whose one of the most famous artists of all time, and at the same time, was an inventor and mathematician...so why don’t we have people like that anymore, most people are very much more focused into one area... is it the school systems that kill creativity? I was thinking of the same thing when reading the ‘little Price’ where he talks about how he liked to draw but since the ‘adults did not understand his unusual drawings, he just stopped completely, often when kids try new things, or different things, like colouring a tree red, you’d always have someone saying, but that is not in real life… so what? Look at most people who do become famous, they are those who go against the grain, for what they believe in. Ofcourse when I say go against the grain, you also have to think of morality, and that you are not harming yourself or others by doing so…

I will end this post with a lovely quote by Buckminster Fuller

"All children are born geniuses;9,999 out of every 10,000 are swiftly,inadvertently, degeniusized by grownups.”



Blogger Anna said...

I have never had a scientific bone in my body! :))) However my husband excelled in the arts in school, but ended up a physicist. I do think creativity is squeezed out; we must fit into this category or that, the sooner the better.

I have no answer to this dilemma, but you bring up some correct points and examples. Maybe one day true versatility will again be the norm.

3:42 am, September 05, 2009  

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