Friday, October 28, 2011

Time to say Good Bye…

These last few days have been quite difficult, as I’m getting ready to leave Geneva, my home for almost 4 years. While the physical aspect of leaving the apartment, dealing with administrations, ending contracts with phone, electricity, etc. getting rid of all the furniture was challenging, especially as they needed to be done in my broken French, the hardest part is saying ‘Good Bye’.

Good bye to all the wonderful people I’ve met... Good bye to Global Fund and my colleagues who’ve become friends for life… Good bye to the Young Catholic group that started out as a weekly bible reading group but now we’re one big colourful family… Good bye to all the other friends I’ve made along the way, especially while travelling and at all sorts of expat get-togethers.

I think it first started to sink in, as I gave away all the furniture in our apartment to Caritas, and sat on the cold empty floor with my laptop. Then yesterday I said Good Bye to our little apartment and handed over the keys and now am staying with some friends… I have also been having farewell lunches or dinners almost every other day as I really want to meet everyone before leaving. I was especially touched by our team farewell yesterday, but I also felt a little melancholy as I will not be seeing them for a long time.

I still remember arriving here in Geneva in May 2008 apprehensive about a new life in a new city with just one suitcase and no idea what was in store for me… but in the last few years, I’ve had amazing experiences and travelled to many places that I wouldn’t have dared to even dream about… It’s been a rollercoaster ride with many more highs than lows.

Now it’s time to say Good Bye… As they say ‘every end is a new beginning’… So now I’m looking forward to many more adventures with my family and friends in Sri Lanka.
I will end this post by saying Thanking each and every one of you who have made my stay here memorable, and I would love to show you our little island Sri Lanka sometime… You all made Geneva a home away from home for me.

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