Friday, July 08, 2011

Is there really an 'Adjustment Bureau?'

Yesterday some friends and I met up for a lovely pot luck dinner with International food and while chatting watched the ‘Adjustment Bureau’. I had watched it already some time ago, and a few of us started discussing it’s concept… Whether there really is something called ‘Free Will’ or as in the movie whether we’re all living predetermined paths leading to a destination which has been planned by ‘The Chairman’ as the movie puts it, or God.

In a nut shell the movie revolves around an up and coming Politian running for the US Senate (played by Matt Demon) and a lovely dancer whom he meets by chance and he falls for her, but according to the ‘plan’ they should not be together. The ‘Adjustment Bureau’ is the agency with men who ensure that all people's lives proceed according to the predetermined ‘plan’ which has been set by ‘The Chairman’. So he sends his ‘caseworkers’ to ensure that this relationship does not happen, but in the end, due to the unrelenting pursuit of the couple ‘The Chairman’ changes their predetermined destiny and they are allowed to be together.

The movie raises the question whether God or any other supernatural force has a plan and uses angels to ensure that we live according to it. If so what about free will, are we just some puppets moving through life according to ‘the plan’? Does God plan for some people to murder and rape and hurt others? But if God does not have a plan, is God simply a silent observer watching the world go around and people in their distress? Or is there no such higher power? With our limited intellect and knowledge of the world we cannot know with certainty, but this is my theory based on my own experiences.

I think that’s God exists and he does have a plan for each of us, an optimal plan which would lead us to become the ‘highest form of our self’ not only in terms of personal development, but also spiritually… to follow the example of Jesus Christ. But at the same time He has given us Free Will and choice. So we can wonder off that path that God had in mind. I think he tries to lead us on the correct path through our conscience as well as through signs along the way. In my life, I think my decision to come to Geneva was based on such a sign (which you can read about from my previous post). I think God is like a GPS navigation system in the car after you have input the destination. It will show you which way to turn when you come across a junction, and if you ignore the advice and turn the other way, it will tell you the next possible turn so that you can get to the destination and so on until it is shut off. In the same manner I think God will continue sending signals through people, friends, incidents, to show you the correct path, which you can ignore, and then he’ll send more signs until the day you leave this world, of course people can choose not to heed the signs… Its like the parable of the drowning man who had asked God to help, and when a boat passed by asking the man to get on board, he said ‘I have faith God will rescue me’ then a ship passed by and the same thing happened and finally a helicopter sent down a ladder and he still said ‘God will rescue me’ and drowned in the end. When he asked God why he didn’t rescue him, God said, 'I sent you a boat, a ship and a helicopter and you didn’t get into any of them! '.

If God has a plan the other question that comes to mind is what about all the bad things, the natural disasters, the diseases where they all part of that plan? It seems that many of these things are caused by years and years of human abuse of nature rather than any plan of God… We’re not only individuals we live in this interconnected web, so one person going off the path could impact someone else’s life too, how would that work? I think that even if we get off the path momentarily due to another’s actions, God will show us how to use it for our advantage and get back on our path… In the end I think as long as we focus on being the best people we can be and follow the example of Jesus Christ and the signs God sends us, we will have a great life on earth.

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Blogger Jack Point said...

Try to picture this: we have some 6,000 million people on earth.

Can you try working out how complicated it is to plan out one day in each of their lives is?

5:55 am, July 09, 2011  
Blogger smiley said...

Of course its way more complex beyond our capacity to ever comprehend, but then that's the power of God, way beyond our comprehension... even the creation of the world seems unbelievable when you consider how everything seems to work in perfect motion…

4:39 pm, July 12, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have the same question with you Roshanthi, i wonder if this bureau really exist? Sometimes,i wonder such events that it happens to our planet Earth...from aliens history, the great people minds that contributes to modern sciences like Newton,Einstein,Tesla,and so many others mathematician and physicists...without them as fundamental in discoveries how could we live life now? as our astronomers discovery,how a planet was formed it is because of gases and other particles gathers as they fixed to become a planet. And for our religion, for me religion was formed is just to control the world since we have so many races..

4:52 am, February 18, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nope! Free will has destroyed too many lives here in our world from cheating to committing crimes. I wish there was one though.

6:43 am, October 29, 2012  
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Blogger hesham fouad said...

same thing happen to me and my love till we cant stand it anymore we decided to stop our relation we couldn't fight like that movie at the end movies always have happy ending not in real life

2:13 am, March 09, 2016  

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