Saturday, July 23, 2011

Empty Airports...

I just dropped off Lakshi at the airport yesterday and started to write this post while waiting for him to confirm that everything was ok... Just waiting there gave this very lonely feeling...

I've always disliked airports; whether coming into an empty airport seeing everyone else being reunited with parents, kids, husbands, wives, friends and even dogs; or saying good bye and dropping off a loved one at the airport and leaving alone... Even though you know that you would see each other soon, it still has a feeling of finality... there's an air of missing or losing someone at the airport.

As a frequent traveller myself, the part I dislike the most is when I have to arrive at any airport alone. For the past year or so I didn't feel it cos Lakshi and I travelled together so there were no empty airports, but yesterday it came back again.  I don't mind the travel time alone, I'm happy reading, or watching a movie, or even writing a blog post, but I've always hated the arrival or leaving an 'empty' airport... It's full of people but 'empty' for me.



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