Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

It’s that time of year again, with all the festivities and parties and decorations. The streets are beautiful in Geneva with all the lights, and snow. It’s easy to forget the real meaning of Christmas and get caught up in the festivities. We already attended around five Christmas parties organised by various friends! Television tells you that you have to give the most expensive gift you can find, to show that you care, and have the biggest Christmas tree and the prettiest decorations, but the real meaning of Christmas is lost in all this hustle and bustle… What is the meaning of Christmas? The humble birth of our saviour Jesus Christ, the beginning of Christianity, time to value friends and family and reflect on our own lives…

So this year hubby and I thought we will try to get closer to God during Christmas and spend it in Lourdes, France where mother Mary appeared to St Bernadette. It is such a lovely town and I remember when I went there last year I felt more in touch with my spiritual side (my previous visit is described here ). Also the humble life of St Bernadette reminds you of how humble Christmas really was all those years ago. So hopefully this year our stay in Lourdes will help us both become closer to God and each other and really understand the true meaning of Christmas.

This will be our first Christmas together and also my first Christmas without my parents and extended family. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I think this is specially so at Christmas… so I wrote this poem for my parents to wish them a Wonderful Christmas and New Year!

This card is sealed with lots of love
And coming from afar,
To let you know that at Christmas we’re with you in Spirit
Though physically in cold Geneva.

Although we’re now across the miles
It’s times like Christmas that reminds us…
To tell you that you’re always close in our hearts
And to appreciate all the wonderful things that a parent does

If we forgot to say Thank you
For every single thing you’ve done in past 30 years,
Or if we forgot to say I’m sorry
For the hurt we caused or for bringing tears.

This message is also to say Thank you for everything
And even if not mentioned, it is all carved in our hearts,
It is also to say we’re so sorry if we hurt you
Cos you are, of our lives a very important part.

We wish that God would bless you
With all his choicest blessings,
We wish that he would give you
Good health, happiness and days with sun shining

We are who we are, because of you
Every good thing we’ve done has been encouraged by you
So here’s wishing you both
A wonderful Christmas a happy year that’s new

I shall end this post wishing each of you and your families a Blessed Christmas and Wonderful New Year ahead.

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