Friday, April 21, 2006

White water Rafting

Just got the pics from the white water rafting trip I went on Sunday. I decided to post pics where none of us can be recognized as I don’t think our group would be too thrilled to be on an internet blog! It was major fun. We went to the Kithulgala Rafter’s Retreat and I’d recommend the place to anyone. After the rafting trip we had a yummy traditional lunch. There were 7 rapids, but none of us fell into the water. I wanted to get the guide to topple the boat but some of the others in the boat vehemently disagreed!!!

We challenged a group of French tourists in another raft for a race and were miserably beaten after one of them started to spray water at us and our whole group stopped rowing and sprayed them (and our selves) with water!! (we’re in the red raft and they’re in the grey one)


Blogger PRan said...

I love white water rafting too.
It's really exiting.
How did U manage to get the photographs
Read my blogs on white water rafting at kitulgala if U have time.

Any way nice blog. Keep up the nice work...

8:40 pm, April 29, 2006  

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