Friday, December 12, 2008

French Snow!

Last couple of months have been really busy and interesting, guess you could say I was too busy living my life to blog about it ;) I visited a few more cities in Europe including Rome and Naples, which were simply amazing! (will have to write a separate post on it). Now as I’m getting ready to go home for Christmas and I thought I’ll just do a small post before I leave cos I’m sure the next three weeks in Sri Lanka are going to be crazy, cos there are so many people to meet and catch up with.

I’m continuing to study French, my goal is to be able to carry out a conversation by the end of next year. I was just wondering about how it’s so much easier for children to learn a new language than it is for us, I guess it’s partly cos they are not ashamed to make mistakes. For me I always feel embarrassed to make a mistake or pronounce a word wrong, and so end up not even trying. Often I would just ask “Vous Parlez Angaise?” And with the world becoming more global and international most people will at least speak basic English or understand it and will say “un peu”. So usually it ends up me speaking in English and them in French and both trying to understand the other but me never speaking, so now, I’m trying to force myself to speak, cos I know that if I don’t do it now, living in a French speaking country, I never will...

It’s been snowing heavily during the whole week and it’s really beautiful, everything covered by a sheet of snow! These are a couple of pictures I took yesterday from office (we’re on the 8th floor) while a lot of my colleagues who are used to seeing the snow thought that I was crazy! This is highly unusual for Geneva at this time of year though. (OK it's not French snow, more like Swiss snow...)

This morning, I couldn’t help smiling while walking from the tram stop to my office as everything was so white and pretty and I loved watching the snow flakes fall, it gives the feeling of a new beginning…I literally just stopped in the middle of the road and tried to take it all in, the work of God's hand, more beautiful than any building or structure that could be made by man...

But I must admit, however much I find the snow pretty, I’m really looking forward to going home for a nice warm Christmas!

So if I don’t blog before Christmas again, just want to wish you all a Wonderful Christmas and New Year!

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Blogger ipm said...

oh, a very Happy Christmas to you too!

speaking only one language makes me feel so ignorant! just keep speaking, it's the best way... :)))

travel safely!

4:30 pm, December 13, 2008  
Blogger smiley said...

Thanks! I'm now all ready to fly tomorrow.Actually I'm quite happy with my self cos I managed a tiny conversation with a lady at the bus stop in French! (about where I'm from and all :))

4:36 pm, December 13, 2008  
Blogger Turtle Guy said...

A little late m'self on wishing a happy Christmas, so I trust it was for you.

Studying French, hey?

Perhaps I should share with you my experience in Montreal, Quebec. I know enough French to get myself into trouble, so my trek through Montreal and Quebec City were... culurally interesting, nay... intense!

Reminds me... I never did blog about that - except for the Metro story back in April. Hmm...

...any chance I could get a copy of those photos you've posted here?


6:55 pm, January 12, 2009  

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