Friday, November 27, 2009

Tech or no tech, that is the question...

Thesedays I've just been wondering if we are too dependant on technology and science. Don't get me wrong, I'm a techy who loves most of the gadgets and new technologies, especially related to communication... where would I be without msn and Skype, and miles away from my friends and family?

I just got thinking recently when there was a power cut in my appartment, and I got into a total panic as everything here works on electricity, from the cooker, to kettle to washing machine to heater to fridge, and ofcourse all entertainment, computer and lights! I was in pitch darkness in the cold and my phone was beaping cos it was low on charge, and i knew if i made a call at that moment it would die! So I finally went over to a friends place, and called the electicity emergency line and got it sorted, but till they came and fixed it I didn;t know what to do... I was so dependant on electricity, and I thought about home and how we used to have power cuts, but the effect was not as bad, as we had gas cookers, kettles, candles and entertainment was actually talking to my family...

So then I started to wonder about how we're becoming more and more dependant on technology and was just thinking if an Alien wanted to take over the earth the easiest way would be to cut the power and we'd all be helpless! (except for the natives in the forests who continue to live close to nature!)... Ofcourse I'm so glad for all these appliences, after all being on my own and working full time, it would have been practically impossible to survive without the microwave, and washing machine, and all the modern appliances, but are we letting them take over? And what do we do with all the extra time that we accumulate thanks to all our appliances?... I'm also finding tech is making us lose the human touch, as most of the time we can do everything from banking to shopping online... Though I myself am a part techy and like gadgets, I think we really need to make sure that we don't become slaves of tech, and also continue to keep those relationships alive with the human touch, it scares me that otherwise we also might turn into robots just going through life...

This is when I know I'm growing old, I'm already starting to write about 'in my day...' stories!

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