Sunday, March 14, 2010


This is another poem I came across when I was looking in my old books. I wrote this when I was 16 years while studying in New Zealand (we lived in NZ for a year during my dad's sabatical). I wrote this poem for one of our creative writing assignments... I've always felt sad about inequality in the world and the injustices faced by many people in the world... This is why I now feel that not-for-profit is the sector that I should work in, as I atleast feel I'm helping to eradicate the suffering of some people... I guess in a way it's connected with my previous post too...

she's just a little girl,
Who should be playing like me and you,
But because she's so poor,
She has to work as slaves do.
Getting beaten each time she makes a mistake,
But like a saint she doesn't complain;
She suffers it all in silence,
She thinks that she's to blame.
Why is this world so unfair?
Doesnt anybody care?

His wife died a few years ago,
Instead of caring for him till his last days,
His children for whom he sacrificed so much
Heartlessly told him to go away.
So now for many years he has lived alone,
In the shadow of the street,
Without a friend to care,
Tired and weary on his feet.
Why is this once caring man now old,
Not have anyone to hold?

She was playing with her toys
When she saw a man with a gun;
He murdered her parents while she was watching
And all she could do was run.
Since that fateful day, her life was never the same
And so she took a knife;
Thought her life was not worth living
And so took her own life.
Why did this innocent girl,
End up in this wicked world?

Why do so many people,
Have to suffer till they grow old?
When others waste so much
And live in houses of gold.
Why don't these people so fortunate,
Take what they have and share,
With those who need their help?
Why doesn;t anybody care?



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