Sunday, January 24, 2010

Logic of Love

I always thought of myself as a person who was ruled by logic, and not by whims and fancies or by moods or emotions... until recently that is, till I found myself in a wonderful relationship... For the last few years I have been alone, no man in my life, and I even convinced myself that it was better that way, no heart breaks, I do things my way and life is so much simpler, even if somewhat lonely...

Then I fell in love, and all logic was thrown out the window and total confusion began! I suddenly found my self to be much less logical, and irrational, crazy and moody and missing him even more after talking to him for half a day (this is a long distance relationship for now, which I think adds to the drama :)) and little jealousies over small things, and overly sensitive to every word he says and smile at the sound of his name, and all the soppy songs made me think of him, and I want to share every tiny detail of my life with him!

I found myself thinking about all these changes in me and so when I came across this metaphor by a psychologist on emotions and logic, it really hit me. He relates logic to a person riding an elephant and that the elephant is our emotions. Initially the person decides on the direction, but unless the elephant and person's ideas are aligned the elephant will win each time as he has a 6 ton advantage! I thought that was a nice way of thinking of our own logical and emotional sides. if elephants are emotions, then love is the largest elephant of all!

Love is the biggest mystery... Why is the hurt and pain so unbearable and the happiness ecstatic, when it is related to the one you love? how is it that two people fall in love and decide that they want to spend the rest of their lives together, and how is it that all the wonderful feelings you get with racing heart beats thinking of the one you love is reciprocated from that person... How do you find that one person in this world of billions of people? That person that makes your heart sing, who;s name makes you smile, and who makes you feel alive?

Some believe that love is due to an irresistible cocktail of chemicals in order to ensure the survival of human kind. That we're merely happy victims of nature’s lovely plan... But I do not believe that is the case, since if love was only to ensure that human kind continued then what's the point of lasting love, after the children are grown and the survival of humans is ensured? Why do we stay with the same partner? What about the love of parents towards their children and the love of children toward their parents. In that case, we would love each other, just long enough so that the children are independent and then go on our separate ways...but we don;t humans create lasting bonds, and still even today when divorce is becoming more and more common, there still are many who live their whole lives together in love... So I believe that love is Mystery... Love is Gods gift to us so that we may experience him through loving each other...

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Blogger Atasha said...

What a lovely post. And glad to hear that you have fallen in love.

I'm in this love/marriage business for life! We will be celebrating our 7 yr anniversary later this month and I have known him for over 10 yrs. I still get excited at the sound of his voice on the phone. We still send messages to each other. I still get butterflies when I see him. We still surprise each other occasionally with silly little purchases.

It's wonderful.

8:58 am, April 15, 2010  
Blogger smiley said...

Thanks for your comment Atasha, it's always lovely to hear love stories, where you still feel the same about each other after 10yrs. I'm sure we'll be the same :)

4:25 pm, April 17, 2010  

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