Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday to me...

I just celebrated my BIG 30 years on this planet yesterday!... Hmmm... don't really feel any different to be 30 something :) Life is still great, and I'll just say that I'm young at heart!

Looking back at the last dacade, life has been amazing and very very happening, from studying Engineering at the University of Moratuwa, to Working in Sri Lanka in the Telecom sector, to studying a MBA in Cambridge, to working here in Geneva in Not-for-profit at the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and to falling madly in love... It certainly has been a roller coaster ride, mainly with highs... and yesterday I realised that I seem to have made many wonderful friends along the way too... I was touched by the many wishes I received some from friends from school as well...

This year is only the beginning of the rest of my life, can't wait to see what the future holds... I'll be getting married later in the year, and cant wait to experience all our adventures together... sometimes I feel that God is being too good to me, my life seems too perfect...

So what does the next dacade hold? I have no idea, I never dreamt that my life would be what it is right now, so all I know is that as long as I have faith in God, and give my future into his hands, it would be wonderful.

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Blogger Hasala said...

Wish u a very happy bday, may dis b da best ever yet.

Given that a person 6 yrs younger 2 u in uni, has heard about u
must imply dat, u have lived ur life to da fullest.

May u b blessed to give ur best in da yrs 2 come,

Cheers from Mora

2:18 pm, May 14, 2010  
Blogger smiley said...

Thanks for ur wishes Hasala. Hope u hvnt heard too many bad things abt me ;)

6:27 pm, May 15, 2010  
Blogger Hasala said...

Well akka ,

gud or bad u kept ur mark and dats wat matters , and guess u set the standard 4 us 2 follow (though it seems too high for us to reach).

Its funny how ALL da familians who come to mora r setting da trend.

Take nadeesha of our batch (06) 4 example. Awesome stuff :)

6:40 pm, May 15, 2010  
Blogger Anna said...

A belated Happy Birthday to you!! What a lovely post... :)))

And early good wishes on the upcoming wedding. So many blessings I pray for you both!

2:24 pm, May 25, 2010  
Blogger smiley said...

thanks hasala. nice to know more familians setting trends :)

Thanks for your wishes Anna and for your prayers.

5:41 pm, May 25, 2010  
Blogger Turtle Guy said...

Wait a second... a birthday AND a wedding??


I'm slow. :P

Congratulations on both counts!

8:06 am, August 14, 2010  

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