Monday, April 24, 2006

MBAs MBAs Everywhere!!

Just saw a comment from another fellow MBA blogger. Wow, I never realized the number of Blogs dedicated to MBAs. I just started this blog cos I was planning on going overseas for my MBA in Aug/Sep 2006 and thought that this would be a cool way of keeping all at home updated about what’s happening with me, without having to write loadz of emails. I think it's also helping me improve my writing skills. It was not really supposed to be a MBA blog, but looks like it might be turning into one.

I was just going through some of these MBA blogs and they have so much info about the whole application process and the interviews... wish I had known about them earlier. I had to learn it all the hard way! Since I got into my 'dream school' Judge Business School, Cambridge, I guess I shouldn't be complaining.

When it came to finding the right school and the applications, it was the internet and email that came to my rescue (after all living in Sri Lanka it's not really possible to just drop into these schools to find out more about them); it’s like having the ‘world at your fingertips!’

One thing I learnt during my application process was that often it’s better to get in touch with the ‘top people’ in the schools (deans, directors) rather than the ‘contact us’ people, specially if you don’t fit into their ‘typical student’ profile. Since I have only 2 years work experience most of the ‘contact us’ people told me to try next year, but the ‘top people’ always replied promptly and usually said to try applying as they consider applicants on a case by case basis, and since I had a strong academic side and came from a different background. I almost didn’t apply for the Cambridge Business School cos they had put so much stress on having at least 3 years work experience, but when I wrote to one of the ‘top people’, I was told to give it a try.

So ‘Don’t give up on a business school just because you don’t fit the typical profile’


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