Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Life is short…

Just yesterday I got to know that the husband of a neighbour had died in land mine blast at Wilpattu National Wild Park, in Sri Lanka while on a site seeing tour. The full article is here.

He was a writer who had just published his new book which included a lot about the Sri Lankan wild life which he loved. How ironic that he died while on a wild life safari...

I was shocked… I’m not that close to these neighbours but I know that they were a very good religious family.

We went to see them and were told that there’s almost no remains of the body. What do you tell someone who’s husband just passed away? What do you tell someone who’s father just passed away? Do you ask what happened or try to change the subject? As I have been lucky enough not to have lost anyone close to me I’ve always had a problem of knowing what to do or say. So I just go over and stay there letting them know that they’ve got people who care.

If this is what happens when we’re in a Cease Fire Agreement, it makes me wonder what would happen next. This park was closed for a while and then cleared of all mines before opening to the public again.

When this happens to people you know it always makes me stop and think of how uncertain life is, and that we must make the most of it cos we won’t get a second chance at life, when it’s gone it’s gone.


Blogger ipodmomma said...

yeah, life is very short, and even when you get a good amount of years, it's still not that long...

been hearing lots about what's been going on over there, and I think of you...

I think you did just what was needed... sometimes it's just a matter of letting ones grieving know they are not alone...

8:41 pm, May 30, 2006  
Blogger Turtle Guy said...

Ironic, yes... perhaps. Then again... destiny?

Things like funerals, grieving, mourning are for the living and I think when we keep that in mind it's easier to comfort those who are still here.

Life is precious and brief.

Thank you for sharing, friend.

6:18 am, May 31, 2006  

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