Sunday, October 15, 2006

It's 5am I must be lonely...

It's 5.10am and I just can't go to sleep and remembered the song. (It's 3am I must be lonely... by Matchbox twenty) So thought of writing this post.

Maybe I should give some background as to why I'm up at this ungodly hour.

My parents came to visit me here in Cambridge on their way to Canada (My dad will be working there for a year which is one of the reasons I thought of looking at MBAs in Canada but Cambridge won in the end) and just came back after dropping them at the Coach Station which will take them to Heathrow Airport. Though I barely got any sleep last night cos of the last minute packing, I'm just not sleepy.

It's weird, what I'm feeling... I believe that I'm starting to miss them more now than when I left Sri Lanka. Maybe cos then I was so excited that I didn't feel anything else but now as I'm starting to settle in the excitement is getting lesser. It's so true that you never really appreciate things or people till their gone... I'm actually starting to miss even what I used to consider annoying like them being too concerned about by safety and what I do.

Maybe I should also mention that this is the first time I'm away from home for more than a week. While some of you may wonder what the hell I was doing at home at 26, in Sri Lanka the culture is such that you don't leave your parents until you get married, unless ofcourse if you're working or studying faraway from home.

While they were here I managed to get them a guest room in my College here at Cambridge and they were in and out of this house very regularly. I had some real home cooked meals after some time too.

Thought of posting a photo taken with them in front of the Ely Cathedral which is just outside Cambridge.

Hope they have a safe flight to Canada.

I'm just going to try to get some sleep...


Blogger Atasha said...

I sure hope you got some sleep. It is also normal in my country and my brother, although we lived in NY, lived with my mom until he completed aviation school. Then he left and went back home. He was around 28 or 29.

I felt the same way when I left Ny and moved to CA. I really missed my mom. But it has brought us closer. We talk everyday several times, whereas we clashed when I lived with her in NY.

So here's to some sleep and some home cooked food!

9:41 am, October 15, 2006  

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