Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Alchemist

I read ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho for the first time some years ago, but recently came across it and read it again. As I mentioned in my previous post, this book’s message really spoke to me.

"The Alchemist", is an exciting novel that is full of optimism. It is the story of a Shepard boy, Santiago who goes in search for treasure. It’s main theme is that "when you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true" and about how we should learn to read the signs on our journey and that they will help us to reach our goals. I wasn’t one to really believe in things like this, but lately looking at all that’s happened I’ve turned into a believer. Now I believe that if we are observant and open we will see these signs and they are God’s way of showing us the way…

Coelho also suggests that those who do not have the courage to follow their " Personal Myth", are doomed to a life of emptiness, misery, and unfulfillment. Fear of failure seems to be the greatest obstacle to happiness. As the old crystal-seller tragically confesses: " I am afraid that great disappointment awaits me, and so I prefer to dream". This is where Coelho really captures the drama of man, who sacrifices fulfillment to conformity, who knows he can achieve greatness but denies to do so, and ends up living a life of void.

I my self have sometimes not given my best when doing something in fear of failing… then if I do fail I have the ready made excuse that I didn’t try hard anyway. I think often it is this fear that keeps us from living upto our potential. So I decided I will give my all to everything I do and see how things turn out.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm a big fan of Paulo Coelho! You will love this! He's the first best-selling
author to be distributing for free his works on his blog:

Have a nice day!


9:23 am, April 17, 2008  
Blogger ipm said...

I'm writing about a man who lets his dream slip away due to fear...

definitely give it all you have! and looking forward to reading all about it!

4:23 pm, April 18, 2008  
Blogger smiley said...

aart hilal - Thanks. That site is great, and I hadn;t read the Valkyries, so just started to read it online.

ipm - would love to read that book you're writing. r u blogging about it as well.

4:40 pm, April 18, 2008  

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