Saturday, October 13, 2007

Back in Sri Lanka!!!

I'm back in Sri Lanka now. Feels great to be home... Even though I really enjoyed the MBA and the experience, I missed my friends and family... Most of last week was spent catching up with all my friends and finding out the latest gossip, going out for dinners and coffees.. As my cousin puts it, it's like Christmas for me!

This pic was taken when we went to a karaoke bar and sang our hearts out!
I've been catching up on more reading and movies lately too. Just completed reading the Zahir by Paulo Cohelo. Most of his books have the message that if you really want something and work hard to get it the whole universe will conspire with you to help you obtain it... It's so true...

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Blogger ipm said...

so glad you are home; it's a nice feeling! what will you miss most from the UK?

7:28 pm, October 13, 2007  
Blogger Opper's said...

10:16 pm, October 13, 2007  
Blogger Turtle Guy said...

Hey, another post! Nice to see you writing and reading again!

Coming home can be so rewarding when your 'away' time has been so full and rich. It's like... meeting your pillow after a good, hard day's work.

Welcome home, by the way. ;)

3:57 pm, October 28, 2007  

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