Monday, December 31, 2007

A Year that will last a life time...

Today is the last day of this year and looking back I think last year is the one year that I will never forget for as long as I live...

'A year that will last you a lifetime' is the tag line used in the Judge Business School, Cambridge brochure and I see how true it is... Spending a year in Cambridge was unbelievable! Now I can count Sir Isaac Newton and Lord Tennyson as my fellow alumni!!!

The people I met were amazing, from so many different nationalities and backgrounds. I learnt so much last year, both in the class room and outside and I feel that I really matured as a person. My view of the world has changed in a major way, this experience has really broadened my outlook. I learnt to see the world through different eyes, no longer do I assume the stereotypical characteristics just because someone is from a particular country. Working with the Global Fund in Geneva was also a wonderful experience, I had always wanted to work as part of the UN. I thought of sharing a video made by one of my class mates with photos of the whole class, and our special moments last year...
Cambridge MBA Highlights 2006/2007

As if that wasn't enough, Who would have thought I'll get the opportunity to see my all time fav band Bon Jovi perform live (I still have to pinch myself to make sure it was not just a dream), or go Paragliding in Switzerland, or ride dodgem cars in a ball dress or go to Paris and visit the Louvre! I feel so blessed, like the lyrics of the Take That song 'Never Forget' this really could be someone else' dream!

This year I hope to continue living life to the fullest and to do my bit to make this world a better place...

I would just like to end this post by wishing you and your families a wonderful New Year during which all your dreams will come true!

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Blogger ipm said...

2007 was a pretty amazing year... what a lovely post!

may 2008 be just as fantastic!

7:24 am, December 31, 2007  
Blogger Neasa said...

Wow! I only watched 4 mins and realised there was another 5!!! How did you fit all that into one year???? Good on you. I wish I had a photo album like that!
I came across your site from somewhere else.
Best of luck in your studies. And don't forget to visit Ireland if you can. We are not lepreachauns, we don't all have red hair, we don't all drink to excess, we are not all pale and we don't all have freckles! You will, of course, meet a few who will put this to the test, but you have to come here and see for yourself!
Happy travelling and best of luck in your studies. Neasa (Ireland)

12:59 am, February 28, 2008  

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