Friday, November 10, 2006

This is why I came to Cambridge...

After a couple of months of running around like headless chickens, I feel most of us doing the MBA have finally started to settle down.

The first month though we were talking to each other it was more on a surface level and sometimes I believe that people aren't really listening to what you're saying. I've even caught myself doing the same thing. I'm talking to someone but thinking about how I'm going to complete all my assignments or whether I've got enough food at home... So half of what is said is lost.

Even though we are as busy as ever with loads of assignments and the Cambridge Venture Project (I'll talk about that on another post) I've finally started to really talk to people. These last couple of weeks I've been able to put aside work and other things and really find out about the some of the others who are doing the MBA and make new friends. It's really interesting talking to people from all over the world and finding out about things that I didn't even know exist. There are around 40 different nationalities here and I plan on learning a few words from each language (at least the basic greetings). I've already started to learn Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Italian. Some of the best conversations I've had over dinner with my fellow MBAs.
I'm starting to literally stop and smell the roses too. To admire the ancient buildings and students in gowns (since my college is relatively new, we don't have to wear the gowns though) that give Cambridge the unique experience and the 'Harry Potter' effect.

Though I will be studying hard, this year is also about finding myself and experiencing this wonderful, eccentric and inspiring place with all it's history.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wish you all the best in learning new languages and enjoying the marvel of them

7:46 am, November 11, 2006  

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