Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Attended my second Christmas party today!

Here in the UK, Christmas starts in November, it's great! Already all the streets are lighted and you can hear Christmas carols being played in the stores.

I went to my forst Christmas party on Saturday organized by the Christian Graduate Society of Cambridge.

Today my College had our Christmas Formal Dinner with Turkey, Traditional Christmas Pudding, mistle toe, bon bons and all. This photo was taken there with some of my friends. (we're wearing the crowns that were in the bonbons!)

It was a great break from all the work I'm doing for the MBA. I have to do the presentation for our consultancy project on the 4th Dec and then hols till January. (unformtunately I start with exams in Jan.) There are so many things happening this week from Carols Services to parties to dramas, I'm trying to decide which ones I can attend without affecting the consultancy project.

Though I do enjoy all these parties and decorations, I sometimes wonder whether people still remeber the fundamental meaning of Christmas or if it's just another fun holiday... Christmas seems to be so ommertialized and people seem to have forgotten the 'Christ' in Christmas. I my self sometimes find myself caught in this, and try to get in touch with my spiritual side.


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