Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm already starting to get bored...

It's funny, i'm already starting withdrawal symptoms of not having lectures anymore, of course it's not the lectures that I miss but going to JBS and chatting over coffee with my collegues and the last few months were so hectic I suddenly find my self free and thinking 'what now?' Most of my friends have gone home for Christmas.

First few days of free time was great I caught up on a lot of beauty sleep, but now I'm a bit bored, ofcourse I have exams in Jan, but can't really start studying yet.

So started to go to the movies and carol services, just watched Casino Royale yesterday but didn't think it was that good (didn't like the blond Bond!). hoping to go see The Holiday tomorrow. Hope it'll be better...

I'm looking forward to going to London...


Anonymous Priyanka said...

I think Bond films are getting worse.Daniel Craig does not suit for James Bond. Just after watching "Casino Royale"I watched "After the Sunset" which is a good one with Pierce Brosnan & Salma Hayek acts passoinately.

8:14 am, December 20, 2006  

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