Sunday, December 10, 2006

It beginning to feel like Christmas...

I went for a Carol Service here and as I started to sing the familiar Christmas Carols it started to feel like Christmas... Here in the UK the Christmas lights have been on for a long time and stores are selling lots of Christmas goodies, but I only started to feel like Christmas today. This is the first Christmas I'll be spending away from my family and so I'm planning on spending it with two of my childhood friends living in London. (closest to family I've got here)

I was trying to get in touch with my spiritual side today. Thesedays so many things have been happening that I was over whelmed by them. I'm hoping to get in touch with my spiritual side more this Christmas and to stop to admire nature. I was just thinking how commertialized Christmas has become...

We've finally finished the lectures for the term and I finished my consultancy project too. So last couple of days I've been totally relaxing and catching up on my beauty sleep! Unfortunately I don't get to relax too much during the Christmas holidays cos I have 2 assignments due next week and exams in January. Ofcourse I still plan to take about a week off and spend it with my friends in London.

I was just writing my Management Practice Assignment and decided to take a break and blog as I've now written everything, and just need to polish it and cut 300 words. It's always better to take a break and then read it again cos I always see so many mistakes which I didn't notice before.

Management Practice was one of my favourite subjects this term, it was all about the soft skills and how we should reflect on our actions, and this essay is quite interesting. We are supposed to describe and reflect on the group dynamics of our study group, and also write about what I would do differently in retrospect... There's so much to write, it's very difficult to limit it to 2500 words. I think we went through the main forming, storming, norming and performing phases of a team. Initially we were very careful about 'stepping on other's toes' in the forming phase, then we started to go into the storming phase where we had quite a few conflicts. Finally we've now got our own norms and I believe that we performed well at the last consultancy project.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

they do have Christmas lights up for a long time here... a nearby village got theirs up in late October!

love the pics... looks like fun... :)))

7:54 am, December 11, 2006  
Anonymous Priyanka said...

Do you know even though I am a Buddhist, my eldest sister and Brother were married to catholics and we really enjoy the christmas.
Whenever I hear Jim Reeves' Songs I can recollect my memories of the past where we used to decorate my sister's place for christmas.The other noted thing is my wife was born in 25th December.Jim Reeves is my favourite, He reminds me of Christmas and the most important thing, the birthday of my sweetheart.

4:52 am, December 13, 2006  

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