Sunday, July 01, 2007

Bon Jovi Rocked the O2 and I was there!!!!

Looks like blogging has now become a monthly thing...

So much has happened since my last blog that I don't know where to begin... Just yesterday some friends and I went on a moonlit punt, only problem was though it was a full moon day, there no moon, it was covered by the clouds and it rained cats and dogs, it's a wonder that I didn't get sick, we were drenched to the skin! Then we also had the May week (in June, it's another one of those crazy Cambridge things) and I stayed up till dawn at the May Ball, had the 'Survivours Breakfast' and got back exhaused!
We've now officially completed all the lectures and I'm now working on my final dissertation. So maybe I'll have a bit more time to blog.

Guess what, after being a fan of Bon Jovi for over 12 years, and having a room which looked more like a Bon Jovi shrine as a teenager, I finally got to see them perform Live at the O2 Arena, on the 24th June 2007. They came to open the O2 Arena formerly known as the Millenium Dome which is now the largest Arena in UK. (this 23000 seater, is even larger than the wembly)

Though I wasn't really close to the stage, the seats(ofcourse we weren't sitting, who could sit through Bon Jovi!) were graded and I had a clear view of the stage. The tickets had been sold within minutes after they went on sale and I had to buy from ebay(don't ask how much, but it was worth every last penny!).

They started with 'Linving on a prayer'. Jon looked gorgeous as ever in his black shirt with golden work, and he was doing his usual dance routine! I screamed and sang along to all the songs and jumped up and down. They really knew to work the crowd!

Bon Jovi played for about 2hrs and sang most of my old favourites and many songs from their new album 'Lost Highway'. Love the new songs. Must get that album.

Jon sang their own version of 'Halelluja' which game me goose bumps... You can see it here

Jon spoke about 'so many memories in this town...and that's why I love this town' just before singing their new song 'I Love this Town' and I was just thinking how true... for me, I'll never forget this unbelievable year or this town!!!

These are some of the pics I took of them playing.

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Blogger ipodmomma said...

love those pics!!! and sorry about all that rain... last summer was incredibly dry, so I guess it's all coming down this year...

9:39 pm, July 02, 2007  
Blogger Turtle Guy said...

Look at IPM appologizing for what seems to be, still, her rain!

Looks like it was a fantastic show! It's been a while since I saw anyone of note live.

Maybe it's time.

6:21 pm, September 02, 2007  

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